My Story

Most of you might already know me, but my name is Jen El-Haddad. I am a Charleston photographer and the owner of Jennifer Mary Photography. I relaunched my business part-time in March 2021, and went full time in June, after being laid off for the second time in 9 months.

My love for photography started as a child with the need to take photos of EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! My parents gifted me a sticker Polaroid for Christmas in elementary school, and I felt the need to constantly take photos of everything in sight. Years later, as a Junior in high school, I decided to take Photography I; which was a black & white film class. I learned how to develop my own film and prints, and realized that I had a true passion and love for the art. (I even started to do my high school boyfriend's photography projects because I loved the dark room so much!) While applying for universities, I started to explore Photography programs and ended up choosing Shepherd University; a small D2 school, located in Shepherdstown, WV.

In 2010, I started Jennifer Mary Photography as a class project and it escalated to Senior Portraits, Proms, and Graduations. I continued this as a part-time gig through college, and slowly felt the creativity being sucked from my soul as I entered the corporate world. Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, I applied for a promotion and relocated to sunny Charleston, SC at the end of 2017.

Fast forward to 2020, in the midst of the shutdown and pandemic, I needed my creative outlet again. So I did what I knew best, I picked up my camera and headed down to Folly Beach, SC. In March 2021, I applied for my LLC and business licenses, and made my business official while working as a Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. At the end of May 2021, I was laid off for the second time in 9 months; this was my sign.

I truly believed that God had given me the sign I had been looking for my entire adult life. A sign that I was created to do something more and something that truly fulfilled me! I hit the ground running and started picking up clients full time. In July, I decided to do my first pop-up event with my landscape prints. Since taking my business full-time, I have done 36 markets, 40 sessions, and 6 weddings! I truly cannot express how blessed and grateful I am.

On June 27, I re-devoted my life as a Believer and was baptized in the ocean. I truly believe that I was put on this earth to share my passion and serve others. These last few years have been part of my testimony. The more I have leaned in, the more He has blessed my life.

A Little Bit About Jen...

I’m a curly-headed, Old Bay loving, and caffeine-dependent millennial. My personal style goes from Lilly Pulitzer in the spring/summer to hipster in the fall/winter... There's absolutely NO in between.

When I'm not working and growing my business, I love going down to the beach or walking around downtown with my boyfriend, Ryan. I love to try new food and restaurants (and eat primarily plant-based and gluten-free), and traveling (I've been to 7 countries and 28 states). I'm a HUGE fan of all things Friends and Schitt's Creek, Lilly Pulitzer and lululemon, and celebrating holidays (Halloween is celebrated the entire month of October, and Christmas begins on November 1).

Photograph by Alex Shi - Cypress Gardens, SC

Photograph by Alex Shi - Cypress Gardens, SC