Perfect Beach Surprise Proposal

Seabrook Island, SC - June 10, 2022

How He Asked...

Brandon reached out to me about 4 weeks before he proposed. He knew he wanted to propose on Seabrook Island, as Nikki's parents owned a house and he would be visiting Nikki for her birthday weekend.

Brandon's vision was clear. He wanted a beach proposal with 3 dozen roses in a heart shape. We hopped on a few Zoom calls prior to the BIG day to make sure logistically everything made sense, and would play out the way he had envisioned.

Day of the proposal, Brandon met me on the beach to help set up. And returned shortly after, when he convinced Nikki to go for a beach walk before her birthday dinner. As they approached the setup, Nikki still had no idea. He finally got down on one knee, and she said "YES!"